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James T Webb

JAMES T WEBB – traditional name – ‘Gumbiardi,’ is the leader and musician of the Wadumbah Aboriginal Dance Group.

James is an accomplished Didjeridoo player. He’s been performing in the dance group for over 25 years and has improved immensely over time and continuous playing. He has trained over 30 men into traditional dancing and now performs with his sons and grandsons. 

He choreographs all the dances. The dances are similar to all the other dance groups in this tribal region and James adds his flavour and story to these. 


James’ second son is a very fine performer. He is the tallest of our group (205 cm) and enjoys dancing in this traditional dance group. His quick moves defy his size and height. Nathan has been with Wadumbah since he was a nine-year-old boy possibly younger. 



The youngest son and we call him the ‘caretaker’ because he makes sure everyone is happy and doing a top show.

Jimmy has been in Wadumbah since he was a toddler and is a very accomplished host in our shows. He’s able to speak to different audiences with a style that captures their interest, friendly and passionate. He’s also a great dancer. 


One of the two oldest grandsons and a very passionate and creative dancer. Very athletic and fast when the need arises. He’s a leader and the son of Nathan. 


He does leaps and jumps that defy gravity. He is the second oldest grandson to the leader and musician James T Webb and the son of James’ youngest daughter. A very committed and athletic dancer. 


This young man is another grandson and quite an athlete also. This fitness he brings to the performances has to be seen and enjoyed. His father is one of the best dancers around and the oldest son of James. He loves his First Nation culture also.


Younger brother to Stanley and a natural performer. Another fine athlete with a dry sense of humour. Keeps the men laughing. He has endured his grandfather’s gruelling training sessions and now performs with style.


Talk about style. This younger brother to Stanley and Joseph has it in abundance along with a cheeky smile. He knows he has the ‘cute’ factor and uses this to great effect on the audience. His knowledge of each dance comes from a very young age observing the family at concerts and practice sessions.

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