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Brilliant reasons


Our passion was to share information about our culture through a medium that would capture the attention of schools and the general public so we began training and practicing our dance, storytelling and music.

Eventually, people began to notice our group and offered us a chance to perform at schools, agencies, corporations and festivals. We went on to perform at big opening ceremonies for different entertainment venues, suburbs and businesses. Then came a few tours overseas to different countries. This was exciting and gave us the opportunity to share our culture with those host countries. 

Every performance and presentation is executed with due diligence to our culture and ELDERS, women and men. 

We’re on time, fully prepared and enjoy what we do. We have known right from the very beginning that for anyone to enjoy and take our shows seriously we have to be organised and free to express our creativity within the boundaries of our traditional Noongar content.





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Pakhiralay, Sundarban, West Bengal 743370