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The Spirit of Dance

The Purpose of Wadumbah Dance Group is to keep the spirit of Aboriginal culture alive, to enhance the pride of Aboriginal people, to educate people from all walks of life and to bridge the gap between Aboriginal and Non-Aboriginal people.

The Willy Willy dance.

The Wadumbah Group performs for audiences of all sizes and ages, in all kinds of venues. Here we entertain students at a school in the town of Esperence on the Southern Ocean down south. This is the eerie Big Wind Dreaming dance with Trevor in the middle playing the small tornado and the other two warriors playing the part of the trees getting buffeted by the wind! 

The Power of Culture

All of the Wadumbah team are talented, hard-working Noongars who are trained in the cultural significance of the dances they perform and the stories they enact. This is the famous Honey Bee dance where the men are attacked by the bees. 

Audience enjoyment

Audiences the world over have been enthralled and entertained by the Wadumbah team - and we can design your performance to include audience participation if it's appropriate,

Warriors having fun with dance.

The men in Wadumbah have a lot of fun with the traditional dance repertoire and breathe life into them with athletic energy and colour


GREETINGS and WELCOME to our site. We hope this year will enrich you and keep you excited about life! 
Please note; hold the cursor on the above slide show and it will pause for you to enjoy our photos and explanations. Look to your right under QUICK LINKS and the VIDEOS of Wadumbah in action is one way of getting to know us. Happy travels.

Traditional Bibbulmunn Aboriginal dance and music performed with fun, passion and power! Wadumbah brings the Dreaming stories of the very first Australians alive in a performance that’s authentic and spectacular.
Wearing traditional Aboriginal costumes, enhanced by awesome Didjeridoo playing and the hypnotic rhythm of the tapping sticks, our skilful performers and traditional presentation will entertain and enthrall your audience. 

We perform at:

  • Schools and Universities,
  • Festivals,
  • Corporate conferences and conventions,
  • Sporting events,
  • Opening and welcoming ceremonies,
  • Welcome to Country presentations and
  • Private functions including weddings.  

Anywhere in AUSTRALIA and around the WORLD, we’ll put on a show lasting from 5 to 90 minutes depending on your requirements - just tell us what you’re planning and we’ll design a show to suit. We are based in the city of Perth, Western Australia ( Whadjuk territory ). 

We know that the TEACHERS in SCHOOLS want to impress upon their students the importance of First Australian culture and we understand that BUSINESS' and CORPORATIONS want to impress their delegates and guests visiting Australia by showing off some great Indigenous acts. That is why we are always on top of our game and provide insightful and entertaining concerts for everyone. We do this to respect our culture, our audiences and those agencies that contract us to do these incursions.