About Us

Noongar man James T Webb, whose Aboriginal name is Gumbiardi, established Wadumbah in 1995. The name Wadumbah comes from the Walmatjerri people from where James grew up around Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberly. It means 'Big Flood Waters!' and it refers to when the rain buckets down during the wet season in the north, filling up the rivers which flow in a fury, full and ready to burst their banks, towards the Indian Ocean. We help people understand and enjoy Noongar culture through our traditional music, dance and storytelling from the beautiful South West of Western Australia.

James’ drive to share a passion for the colour, mystery and movement of Noongar culture with people from all over the world has taken him on a journey ranging from intimate performances in outback schools, to taking the stage before a crowd of x000 in Beijing, China, to performing before the Prime Minister of Australia. At any given time there are four or five dancers in the group, and James provides the magical didjeridoo playing, a haunting, rising and falling dynamic that perfectly mirrors the dramatic highs and lows of the dance as the story unfolds.

The group is available for performances large and small, anywhere in Australia or the world. James and his team work with the event organisers to craft a show that is suited to the audience, the venue, the time available and the event itself. The show can be anywhere from a short, powerful incursion of just 5 or 10 minutes, to a full 60 or 90 minute presentation that incorporates more storytelling and audience involvement, ideal for schools and wherever requested.

The Wadumbah Dance Group is invited to other countries on a regular basis and is very experienced at touring. The team members understand behavior protocol in other countries and are very proud to represent their culture and Australia in a professional and diligent manner. Wadumbah have performed in many countries over many years, for example:

  • 2009 China in May for two weeks.
  • 2008 Mauritius, Seychelles for two weeks and China for five weeks.
  • 2007 Dubai and Mauritius.