Traditional Dance

Noongar culture is rich and ancient; there are many different dances dealing with different parts of Noongar country, Dreaming stories, animals and traditions. These include funny animal dances like the Emu dance, which depicts the story of this long legged bird. The men really look like the Emu when they morph and change into that creature. The didgeridoo player matches the movements of the Emu with deep rumblings and high-pitched squawks.

Audiences are always enthralled by the eerie Spirit dances. Our warriors slip into silent fluid movements moving across the stage floor like shadows fleeting and fit. It is a haunting and beautiful display that gives you an insight into the mystery and power of Noongar culture.

Warrior dances which burst upon the assembly’s consciousness like a thunderous wave! The men galvanize into action as soon as the didgeridoo player hits the first note. They run directly at the audience with spears and boomerangs with the didgeridoo blasting away. When the dust settles and the dance comes to an abrupt halt the people are left gasping for breath with excitement and exhilaration.

Talk to us about what your expectations and those of your audience are, and we will design a performance especially suited to your requirements.