Solo Performances

JAMES T WEBB: Is a senior member of the Bibbulmunn nation with a wealth of knowledge of his culture, the Noongar culture of the South West of Western Australia. James is a sought after speaker and presenter. His sessions are well prepared and delivered in a friendly easy to understand manner. 

  • Storytelling sessions. James shares the rich mythology of ‘Dreaming’ stories with his audience. .
  • Welcome To Country presentations on behalf of his Elders. As a senior Noongar and respected member of the community, James can officiate at such ceremonies.
  • Aboriginal music sessions. James talks about Aboriginal music and demonstrates his skills on the didgeridoo. This is not a workshop.
  • Motivational sessions. As a high achiever, James is an excellent role model, and he enjoys sharing his story with others.
  • Wadumbah Tales. James relates some of the Wadumbah Group's travel escapades in this country and all over the world in his quest for success.