JAMES T WEBB is an acclaimed musician with musical interests beyond the Wadumbah Dance Groupwith his band Ochre. James’ powerful didgeridoo, together with Erik Kowarski’s violin, guitar, bass, bodhran and synthesizer, have wrought extraordinary music from the deep, misty past of this Great Southern Land. The music is an organic blend of Aboriginal and Western cultures, inspired by the Australian landscape. Some pieces have distinct melodic themes, while others are driven by powerful rhythms. James is one of WA's foremost didgeridoo players, embracing both traditional and non-traditional elements in his dynamic playing style.

ERIK KOWARSKI is a multi-instrumentalist with a wide variety of influences from Australian and Celtic folk and blues through to electric and electronic music. Classically trained on violin, Erik is also a guitarist and songwriter. His melodies and chords explore the various moods expressed by the didgeridoo and echo their sentiment.

Two CDs to tantalize the senses

The first CD was created with excitement and energy as James and Eric got to know each while they created this unique music in the album "Mood Didge!" Mood Didge is a play on words in English and the ancient Noongar language of James’ heritage. In Noongar "Mooditch" means great, terrific! And from this first project was born ‘Ochre’ a duo of imagination, skill, contemporary refrains and ancient traditions. Eric in his field of musicality and James with his vast knowledge of his traditional music and the Didgeridoo!

The second album was another labour of love for the two men as they strived to capture the magic of Mood Didge and take the listener on another journey. "Landscapes" was to cement the image, sounds, aroma and emotion that is Australia! James and Eric walk with you on this album as you traverse this beautiful and unique country. Then you are left to continue on your own as the music triggers responses in your tribal spirit and you enjoy wave after wave of bliss. This collection of melodies can connect you with your own country and your own Mother Earth.

Want to listen to samples of the tunes on both albums? Go to;

ITUNES: Very easy to purchase. Go to itunes, find Store and click on itunes store then go to the search box located on the top right hand side. Type in 'ochre' and hit your return button.

To buy a CD please contact Mr Erik Kowarski at or by phone +61 8 9272 2118. Purchase one album for $25.00 Australian, plus postage and handling. Purchase two albums for $40.00 Australian, plus postage and handling.

To contract the band OCHRE please contact James Webb: Email Landline +61 8 93133056 Mobile 0418 901887. Ochre can play music from their albums for up to 60 minutes.