Meet Wadumbah

Each of the Wadumbah team members belongs to one of the 13 Noongar tribes of the South West of Western Australia, and they operate out of Perth, which is a small part of Wadjuk Country. Noongar territory itself is vast (300,000 square kilometres), covering the entire south-western corner of Australia, with the eastern border running from approximately Geraldton on the mid-west coast, to Esperance deep on the south coast. The Noongar people have one language and five dialects. The dances performed by Wadumbah are just a small selection of the huge repertoire found within Noongar culture, and all of the group’s performances are by permission of the Elders of the Noongar nation.

James T Webb

The founder of the group and the manager/leader. James brings years of experience to Wadumbah and highly skilled Didjeridoo playing. He is a tried and true exponent of his traditional instrument having played them (he has many Didjeridoos) consistently for years in a traditional context with Wadumbah and created contemporary music with the same instruments in albums for musicians requesting his contribution in their songs. He has also recorded theme music for documentaries and other projects. James has recorded two albums with a friend and skilled musician Erik Kowarski who is a skilled exponent of the violin. He plays his instrument of choice in bands and teaches a select group of students how to play it. See CDs! James trains the men in their cultural heritage, business practices to do with the group and how to organize and set up a concert to achieve maximum results among a host of other things.

Jimmy Webb Junior

Jimmy is a very skillful dancer and great performer. He has been with the group for many years and has been his father’s right hand man, lending him support and providing leadership to the other men consistently. Jimmy has a broad outlook on things because of his travels with the group all over the world. He is a real asset and warrior.

Trevor Ryan

Trevor is one of the senior dancers of the group and very professional in his approach. He completed his studies over three years at the National Institute for Drama and the Arts in Sydney (NIDA)and asked to come back to Wadumbah. Trevor is always active in our culture, doing short stints in acting and workshops with children at schools. In Wadumbah he is a top performer and brings a quality of strength and balance to the group.

Terrence Webb

Terrence is the eldest of James' family and was the first to start in Wadumbah when his father James T Webb founded the group. He is a powerful dancer with a lot of experience who guards the traditional dance with pride ensuring that the other dancers abide by the training he administers with his father. The dances each have a message and it is very important that the performers study and execute the moves according to custom. Terrence is a passionate performer and a very talented storyteller as well. He provides great leadership and camaraderie in the company. This is invaluable for cohesion and contentment with the men.